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Processing Plants

Puerto Madryn Plant

Located at the Parque Industrial Pesquero in Puerto Madryn on 40.000 square mts grounds, with 8.181 square mts roofed area. Fresh product and freezing chambers total 1.390 tons in capacity.
Parque industrial Pesquero S/N - 9120
Puerto Madryn-Chubut

Processing Plants on shore

We operates 2 plants of its own located in strategic points in Argentina Patagonia. These plants produce a variety of products following strict quality standards.

Rawson Plant

Located in Puerto Rawson on 58.497 square mts grounds, with 7.880 square mts roofed area. Frezing chambers total 1500 tons in capacity. Has his own fishing pier.
Km 8 camino Magagna - 9103
Rawson - Chubut

Mar Del Plata (Head Office)

Located in Mar Del Plata on 20.000 square mts grounds, with 7.880 square mts roofed area. 
O Higgn`s 251  7600

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