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The logo of GuiGus, our fish exporting company represents our dedication to quality, sustainability, and excellence in service. The design evokes the freshness and purity of the sea, reflecting our passion for offering the highest quality seafood products.

Mission, Vision, Values

"Our mission is to provide the highest quality seafood products worldwide, while maintaining an unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility. We aim to become a global leader in the provision of sustainable seafood, recognized for our integrity, transparency, and commitment to excellence, contributing to the well-being of fishing communities and the care of the environment. Our core values include quality, sustainability, integrity, social responsibility, and innovation."

"Our extensive experience in the fishing industry and our dedication to meeting the highest international standards have allowed us to establish ourselves as a reference in the industry. We are pleased to offer you our products, confident that they will meet your expectations and contribute to the success of your operations."

Guillermo Francisco Di Costanzo




Anfítrite operates a fleet of 12 vessels, including beam trawlers, coastal fresh fish, and high sea trawlers.



2 own plants located in strategic points of the Patagonia Argentina. Head Office in Buenos Aires



Seafood Worldwide Exporter



Our products are distinguished in the market for its unparalleled quality.

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